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Flat Roofing in Vancouver

Built-Up Roofing in Vancouver

Advanced Built-Up Roofing Systems for Optimal Energy Efficiency

Built-Up Roofing Services in Vancouver

Built-Up Roofing Services in the Vancouver​ Area

Marks Roofing excels in delivering top-notch Built-Up Roofing services, including installation, replacement, and repair, to both residential and commercial clients across Metro Vancouver. Built-Up Roofing, commonly known as BUR, is valued for its multi-layer protection and excellent waterproofing capabilities, making it a preferred choice for low-slope roofs.

Our experienced team is proficient in the latest BUR application techniques, ensuring precise and effective completion of each project. We utilize only premium Built-Up Roofing materials that offer robust resistance against water, weather, and wear. This method ensures a long-lasting and secure roofing solution for your property.

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Built-up Roofing Solutions

Our expert team uses advanced technology. We select the highest quality materials for your built-up roofing installation. This installation provides exceptional durability and waterproofing. These properties significantly enhance the protection and longevity of your building’s roof.
Built-up Roofing Installation​

Built-up Roof Installation

Choose our superior built-up roofing services. We ensure your roof is robust and weather-resistant. It will provide lasting performance. We work with you to select the best materials and roofing techniques. These meet your specific needs. Enhance your property’s resilience and functionality with our expert services. Contact us today for reliable service and outstanding quality!
Built-up Roof Repair ​

Built-up Roof Repair

We specialize in quick and effective built-up roof repairs. Our team uses advanced methods and top-quality materials. We address common issues such as leaks, blistering, and wear. This approach extends your roof’s service life and ensures continued effectiveness. Rely on us for comprehensive roof repair solutions. We maintain your roof’s optimal condition and protection.
Built-up Roof Replacement​

Built-up Roof Replacement

Choose our team for your built-up roof replacement. We collaborate to create a customized plan that boosts protection and enhances your property’s appearance. Dedicated to excellence and your satisfaction, we aim to deliver a roofing solution that meets your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation on your built-up roofing replacement.

Why Choose Marks Roofing?​

Our BBB A+ rated team excels in providing top-tier residential and commercial built-up roofing solutions in the Greater Vancouver Area, designed to align with your budget and preferences. Depend on us for reliable BUR installations, maintenance, and comprehensive roofing services.

Customized Solutions

Each project is unique, and our roofing solutions are customized to address your specific requirements and expectations.

Trusted Professionals​

Insured and certified experts in roofing in Vancouver, committed to local excellence and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

Roofing Leaders​

The preferred choice for BUR installations and maintenance, showcasing extensive expertise and skill.

Flexible Financing​

We make superior roofing accessible with appealing financing options that suit your financial situation.

Superior Warranty​

We provide industry-leading warranties and a dedication to quality service for your ultimate peace of mind.

Quality Materials

Durable roofing materials that meet rigorous environmental standards, contributing to a sustainable future.

What is Built-Up Roofing?

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) is renowned for its remarkable durability and waterproofing properties, making it a highly reliable choice for both flat and slightly sloped roofs. Our professionals use meticulous layering techniques and high-quality materials to deliver a robust, enduring roofing system. Key advantages of Built-Up Roofing (BUR):

— Exceptional Durability

BUR is constructed with multiple layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabrics, offering enhanced strength and resilience, ideal for withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

— Superior Energy Efficiency

The multiple layers of BUR provide excellent waterproofing capabilities, greatly reducing the risk of leaks and water damage.

— Ease of Installation

A time-tested solution, BUR has been used effectively for over a century, known for its ability to protect against the elements and extend the lifespan of roofing structures.

— Waterproofing Capabilities

Built-up roofs provide good insulation, helping to maintain stable indoor temperatures and reduce heating costs.

— Cost-Effectiveness

Although initial installation might be intensive, the long-term durability and minimal maintenance needs of BUR make it a cost-effective option over its lifespan.

Built-Up Roofing System​

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Based on 52 reviews
Ziggy Patyk
Ziggy Patyk
My roof was leaking and Marks Roofing came to inspect.we got repair and replacement quote.the best thing we want the ventilation to be corrected and sukh and his team done an amazing job.they doing some roof in my neighborhood.My wife was so happy to working with these guys.they replaced our facia,Gutters and we highly recommend them.
Alice Wang
Alice Wang
Sukh and his team replaced the roof of our single family house. They were hard working diligent, and easy to communicate with. Sukh is available and quick to get back if I have any roof-related inquiries. An overall nice guy to work with!
kumar dennis
kumar dennis
Excellent service from start to finish! The team especially Sukh at Marks Roofing Ltd. were professional, efficient, and courteous. They completed the job ahead of schedule and left our property clean and tidy. Highly recommend them for any roofing needs!
gary ander
gary ander
Marks Roofing team were amazing! They showed up on schedule, totally prepared. They proceeded efficiently and without delay. My roof was very complicated and they handled it with ease. Despite an incredible amount of tear-off and mess, my home and surroundings were cleaner when they departed....Highly recommend!
Boris Kariloff
Boris Kariloff
We had Marks roofing do our roof a couple of years ago. Very happy with the roof. They showed up on time and completed the job in a timely manner. Very professional and competitive prices. Several people in our area had their roofs done and were just as happy. Now we are using their services for new gutters. Highly recommended.
Jusroop Mattu
Jusroop Mattu
Fast service, fair and detailed quote. Kept me posted with updates. Finished the work on time, on budget. Very happy with the work. I would highly recommend Marks Roofing!
Shireen Charania
Shireen Charania
Well got it done through a friend who recommended. Hope it will last for life as said
sukh multani
sukh multani
Wonderful work at reasonable price.. thanks for finishing the job on time..ty
Daniel LaRose
Daniel LaRose
Was a pleasure working with Sukhi and the entire team at Marks Roofing. They did a great job replacing our old shingled roof with new metal. Don’t hesitate to give them a call. Thanks guys.
Thank you for your excellent service. Quick to diagnose and fix the problem. Really appreciate your friendly service, for explaining the problem and excellent clean-up.

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Most Common Questions About Built-Up Roofing?​

Built-up roofing systems are celebrated for their superior waterproofing and robust durability. They are particularly suitable for both commercial and residential buildings with low-slope roofs.
A properly maintained built-up roof can exceed 30 years in lifespan. This longevity is attributed to its robust construction and effective multi-layer protection.
Built-up roofing proves to be a cost-effective choice due to its prolonged lifespan and minimal maintenance demands. These factors help offset the initial costs of installation.
The optimal time for installing a built-up roof is during the dry months, typically from late spring to early fall. This timing helps avoid moisture-related installation issues.
Built-up roofing membranes vary, incorporating materials such as asphalt, coal tar, or cold-applied adhesives. The choice depends on specific application needs and environmental considerations.
Built-up roofing is preferred for commercial properties because of its strong protection against environmental and water damage, which is essential for large flat roofs. Its reliability and durability make it an ideal choice for such applications.
Yes, built-up roofing is an excellent option for residential buildings with flat roofs. It provides durable protection and long-lasting performance.
Commonly, built-up roofing includes layers of bitumen interspersed with reinforcing fabrics like fiberglass. These materials provide enhanced strength and durability.