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Flat Roofing in Vancouver

Flat Roofing Vancouver & Lower Mainland

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Quality Flat Roofing Services in Vancouver Area

At Marks Roofing, we are committed to providing exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Our flat roofing residential and commercial solutions are built to last, providing durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal to your property. Whether you need a new flat roof installation, repairs, or routine maintenance, we have the expertise and resources to get the job done right. Don’t settle for subpar roofing solutions. Trust Marks Roofing to deliver quality roofing services that will enhance the longevity and value of your property. Contact us today to learn more about our flat roofing services and schedule your free consultation.

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Flat Roofing Services

Types of Flat Roofing Materials We Work With

EPDM rubber roll

Built-Up Roofs (BUR)

Built-Up Roofs (BUR) are a popular roofing system made of multiple layers of bitumen and reinforced with ply sheets, providing excellent durability and waterproofing for flat or low-slope roofs.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing is a durable and long-lasting roofing material that provides excellent waterproofing and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Rubber Membrane Roof (EPDM)

Rubber Membrane Roof, also known as EPDM, is a highly durable and versatile roofing material that is known for its resistance to extreme weather conditions and long lifespan.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof is a durable and energy-efficient roofing solution that provides excellent insulation and weather protection. Its seamless, lightweight design allows for easy installation and long-lasting performance.

Thermoplastic membranes PVC or TPO

Thermoplastic membranes like PVC or TPO are highly durable and energy-efficient roofing materials, suitable for flat roofs. They offer excellent resistance to UV rays, punctures, and chemical damage.

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Years of Combined Staff Expericence

Your One-Stop Roofing Company

Marks Roofing, brings over 50 years of combined staff expertise to meet your Commercial flat roofs or Residential Roofing Needs. With an outstanding BBB A+ Rating, we are the Most Trusted Roofing Contractor in the Vancouver area. Our team of Local, Licensed, and Fully Insured Flat Roofers is committed to delivering top-quality services. We proudly hold industry-leading certifications from GAF and CertainTeed, demonstrating our dedication to excellence as one of the premier flat roofing companies. Count on us for a wide range of services, including Roof Replacement, Installation & Repairs. We prioritize finding the best roofing solutions that align with your Budget, Needs & Style, backed by our extensive qualifications. Serving All Greater Vancouver & Lower Mainland.

Lifetime Warranty

Our lifetime warranty covers both materials and labour for your flat roof installation. Trust in our Expert Team to use only the best materials for a durable roof. Our warranty gives you peace of mind for the life of your roof. Invest in a new flat roof with confidence.

Contractor's Direct Rates

Looking for fair and transparent roofing rates? Choose Marks Roofing. Our team provides straightforward pricing for Roof Replacement, Installation & Repair services. No hidden fees, just Honest and Direct Rates from Vancouver's Best Roofing Contractor.

Quality Service

At Marks Roofing, quality is a top priority. Our contractors are fully trained, certified & experienced in the latest roofing systems. We use Best Roofing Brands and Roofing equipment for efficient and professional roof installation. Our team is dedicated to providing great customer service and ensuring project satisfaction.

Your Trusted Roofing Company in Vancouver

Based on 44 reviews
Thank you for your excellent service. Quick to diagnose and fix the problem. Really appreciate your friendly service, for explaining the problem and excellent clean-up.
west coast
west coast
Guys came out asap assessed roof and provided us the best way to deal with the problem we highly recommend marks roofing !
Balwinder Singh
Balwinder Singh
Marks roofing ltd they did an outsanding job at our townhouse complex.
Anthony Wong
Anthony Wong
One of my skylights starting leaking during a rainstorm in March 2024. I called Mark's Roofing the next day and Sukh answered my call and came by later that afternoon to assess the work. He determined that 2 skylights needed to be replaced (which I already suspected) and that damaged flashing was causing the leak. He took a lot of pictures to show me what needed to be done and gave me a quote. We agreed he should come by the next day with his team since it was only going to be sunny for about 3 days. They replaced both skylights and performed the repairs in a few hours. When they were finished, Sukh showed me the before and after pictures. We've had a few heavy rain days since the repairs were done and the skylights are holding up well! I wasn't happy that his crew didn't completely clean up the debris on the sidewalk beside the house where they threw down the old materials. There was some broken glass from the old skylights and quite a bit of junk materials on the grass. I didn't notice it until a few days later and had to clean up the area so that no one got hurt. Still, I was happy with the actual repair work. They were quick to reply, didn't charge for the estimate (unlike other companies), and were able to schedule my repair quickly. I would definitely recommend them as they were reasonably priced and performed good work. I would, however, recommend discussing your expectation of post-work cleanup to ensure it gets done.
Marina Brown
Marina Brown
Marks Roofing came out re our roof leaking . They quickly figured out it was the chimney flashing which was rusted out and as we no longer used that chimney I said give me a quote for removing the old chimney and roofing that spot over. Their quote was very reasonable. They did the job, cleaned everything up. Roof looked great and we have never had another leak! We previously had a big name roofing company come out charging $500. just to come out and look. 2 guys arrived and spent 40 minutes putting black tar stuff around a chimney flashings. The bill was $658. I called back after the next good rain and said it was still leaking . Never got a call back. Emailed and still not a call back, wasted $650 on that company. We highly recommend MARKS ROOFING. Very nice guys and no charge to come out and go on roof and give expert advice and different choices and prices on tackling the problem.
We have used marks roofing on multiple renovations to re do roofs. Their team is very efficient and do excellent work. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to get their roof repaired or completely replaced
Happy Singh
Happy Singh
They are very much professional providing roof services at very reasonable and competitive prices. I have very nice experience with them. I recommend them for their professional and steady approach for their job.
I have no words for sukh and his team.What an awesome job they done.Even the neighbours notice that for ground every day was amazing task.Quality of works speaks his own.whenever someone see our roof our neighbour said that they done an amazing job.
Rick Goodman
Rick Goodman
Very organized,skilled and professional. Politely answered any questions I had, Did a great job I highly recommend them!

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Most Common Flat Roofing Questions

Flat roofs provide a modern and minimalist look that complements many architectural styles. They are also cost-effective, energy-efficient, and provide easy access for maintenance or installation of HVAC systems.

Flat roofs can be repaired depending on the extent of the damage. Repairs are recommended for minor leaks or damages, while replacement is necessary for severe or widespread damages.

Flat roofs should be inspected and maintained at least twice a year to prevent issues like leaks, cracks, and damages. Maintenance can help identify problems early and extend the lifespan of the roof.

The time it takes to install or replace a flat roof depends on the size of the roof, the complexity of the design, and the weather conditions. Typically, flat roofing installation or replacement can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Yes, flat roofs are an ideal platform for green roofs, which offer energy-efficient benefits and improve the aesthetics of the property.

The cost of flat roofing installation or repair depends on several factors, including the size of the roof, the materials used, and the complexity of the project. A reputable flat roofing contractor can provide an accurate estimate based on your specific roofing needs.

Yes, flat roofs are an excellent option for solar panel installations, as they provide ample space and easy access for installation and maintenance.